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Monday, November 05, 2007


That's right. It's Cultural Day in Japan on Saturday and it's a holiday for them. No holiday for us here in this small tropical island though. But inline with this special day, JCS has jointly organized with a Japanese fashion designer, Shoko (also a beauty consultant in Amene), a fashion show here which showcased Shoko's masterworks.

Intertwining fuusui (fengshui) and fashion was the idea of the show. Each fashion piece depicts a horoscope, and is itself a walking lucky charm. Shoko incorporates lucky elements from each horoscope into every piece of work respectively. (If possible, I'll type out the lucky elements of each horoscope once i reach home tonight.) Not forgetting Shunji Matsuo, the man behind the BIG hairstyles for all the models that night. And Karen Lai for the dramatic and amazing makeup.
Right.. On with the photos... The show started with the emcee requesting for any guy to take up the offer of having an EXTREME makeover by Shunji Matsuo and Karen Lai. I would expect no one would go for the challenge but surprisingly, a blond hair guy volunteered. (Whom we realised was actually one of their people.. HAHA..)

Well... He looked kinda pretty though... LOL.. (He's quite good looking in person)

After this, the fashion show started.

These are the only photos that came out ok from my camera.. It was too dark.

But do not fret! I've taken photos with some of the models. =)


No picture.... =( My dad's star sign...




She's tall!! She had to bend her legs to be able to match my height... T.T

With my cousin =)



No picture... =( My mum's star sign..

Neither Scorpio!.. Arghhh... I feel so stupid right now.. Coz my cousin's right about the girl with the red fan but as she's not in her head gear, I thought she's someone else.... Gaahhhh... And I feel kinda sad too.. This is my cousin's and my brother's star sign. =(


So.. What's up with me!?!? All the star signs that I didn't managed to take a photo are all my family members' star signs.. GAH?!

With the Lady of the Show. Shoko!

With the Man of the Show. Shunji Matsuo! (My stupid hair.. that strand kept falling onto my face..)

Remember the 1st pic? He's that guy... (and his make up is still on!....)

This guy is pretty cool/hot-looking...

Alex Soh's photo gallery... Amazing photos, I tell u!


Anonymous said...

Very fruity...Virgo's hair

Rhinestic said...

ah, i foresee u going to say tt... =='''

Anonymous said...

but the look for Leo so ugly.

Cancer got money on her head?!?!?!??!?!?! What Cancer has to do with $ ?

Think Shoko looks the best. :P

Rhinestic said...

diaon. coz cancer's lucky item for 2008 is $$$.. Lucky charm leh.. so gor gor needs to have poofy hair + wear animal prints..

Anonymous said...

Poofy hair... so old fashio.
Animal prints... so 0_0

So Gemini must wear CD, and have that Master Wong's Qing Dynasty hairdo!! haha :P

ike go go!!

Rhinestic said...

wat's ike gogo!?

alina! said...

wha. haha you agree with that guy being HOT RIGHT


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