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Monday, November 05, 2007

My Craft Supplies are Homeless!

Nope, my house unit doesn't have a garage. (Garage overhanging on the 13th floor of a building?? That's a scary thought...) But won't it be nice if everyone has their own parking garage attached to every unit... I for one would be really happy to have one.. No, not to park my own car (I don't have one.. ==), but to chuck in all my yarns, craft supplies and whatever not!

I guess people do create their art pieces or do crafting in their garages-turn-studios. Wouldn't that be very convenient if there're suitable storage cabinets to store all the craft supplies. No more rumaging through nooks and corners to find that particular pin or needle. Everything will be placed systematically and neatly. (Hey! It would be great if the cabinets are designed specifically for crafting purposes..)Besides, who doesn't want their garage/studio to look presentable whenever there're guests coming over? No more unsightly globs of paints or tangling yarn all over the place!

Do you have storage problems in your garage? Do check out garage cabinets for all your storage needs! (Hey, do they provide cabinets for rooms?)

**This post is sponsored by garage cabinets**

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