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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bling bling... Dun ever get UHU glue onto your manicured fingers.. ==

Before telling you my horror story of my manicured fingers, let me present you my latest Bling Bling stuff!!!

First, some Bling Bling stickers I bought from Akihabara (Japan, Tokyo)..

Now, lets look at my plain old Motorola razor...

The front

The back

Here's how it looks like after Bling Bling application!

The front!

The back!

And my Nintendo DS lite (from Akihabara as well) too! (The lace sticker was bought in Singapore.. It looks similar to the one I bought in Japan, doesn't it? It's slightly whiter though..)

OKAYYYY... the horror story.. U see, last saturday, I went for a manicure with my 2 good friends. I had it done at my neighbourhood manicure/pedicure shop..

Pretty, isn't it.

Well, as you know from the earlier post, I had been busy making CNY decorations, and I couldn't do without UHU glue... Thing is, the rat project was so messy, and glue was all over my hands... I don't have the habit of washing my hands WHILE doing a paper craft project... So by the time I wanted to pause and have a rest, all those glue bits were already very dried on my nails.. When I tried to pick the glue bits off my nails, the polish came off too!

Arghhhh... How can I walk around with such ugly nails during CNY?!?! I tried to save it by adding silver Bling polish design to every nail.. But the nail polish was kinda thick and it was difficult to apply. It looked kinda ok though... However, I was in a rush and I accidentally smudged the Bling polish, and even more polish done during the manicure came off!!... Arrghhhh...

I had no choice but to remove all the bling areas, leaving "nicely designed" polish-less areas. Tried to fill it in with a polish in the same color family. It looked quite alright actually... But my hand was too itchy... I just want to put some bling in it... (I just don't learn, do I...) Once again, the Bling polish spoilt everything... And that was it... I removed all the polish.. There goes my 35 bucks of manicure... And that's my horror story...

Anyway, decided to DIY today.. bought a 2-way buffer from the Face Shop, Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat from Watsen, pink polish on sale at John Little and some nail stickers. All in all, it's less than 25 bucks (and I can still use the top coat and polish for numerous times!) Granted I'm not a pro and it doesn't look as good, I'm still satisfied with the results. Love the Mega Shine top coat!

Oh yah, the nail buffer from the Face Shop (only $3.90) does make a difference on the appearance of my nails! They're SHINY even without any polish!

Without buffing... (This is my right hand)

With buffing... (This is my left hand...) Shiny, ain't it?

After putting on nail nutrition, base coat, pink polish, nail stickers + bling, and top coat...

It's slightly less pink in person..

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