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Friday, May 16, 2008

Alina the Artist with an Attitude! ^.^

Alina's drawn up a number of portraits and I think they look fab! (I, myself, has a love for portrait drawings) I especially love Bruce Lee's portrait and Jolin's portrait (I think it's her? It really looks like her...) I think she's captured the expressions really well. Kudos!

Oh I love the gifts she's made for her friend. Love the monotones, and the fabric for the hand-made bag is just so cool!

Take a look! -> Alina's My form of ART ♡

1 comment :

ALLE said...

!!! wo de tian ah! hahahaha! thank u so muchh... feel v v v v HONOURED to be in your post!!! :D :)

The fabric is from SPOTLIGHT! :)

ure also an Artist with zeeee attitudes :D:D

letz jiayouuuu tog!!! :) btw regarding the sketch for a cause (hahhaha my name for it:D) thingy im rather apprehensive about it! cos... dno whether any one will wanna buy pls -.-

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