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Monday, May 19, 2008

Men's L-size T-shirt Recon

Erm, I don't have a picture of the T-shirt before it's reconstructed... Then again, it's just a normal Large size men's T. Supposed to be my bro's hall T-shirt, but he didn't want it. I'm still pretty much experimenting with sewing/designing, so what I'd done was just downsizing the T-shirt to my size; after which, I added a slight ruffle to the bottom of the resized T-shirt to create a long top/mini dress. On with the pics.

With a belt.

Pleating detail.

Action shot.. Sighs. How to thin down my fat thighs... ><..


chantc said...

nice... Singapore can hardly find such shirts

ALLE said...

WOOT! nicenicenice... wear it out!! ahhaha niceee! :D and the oatmeal mask.. yesyesyesyesyes... i experimented w quite alottt last time too.. then it fell ALL OVEr THE FACE dammit so i decided to stop. ahahha. you can try SIMPLE's face care products.. got no soap and preservatives.. qt cheap too.. ard 15 to 20? is realllly good for the skin :)
maybe i should do the oatmeal one soon agn.. haha need btr skin =/ then.. add a mask sheet onto it to secure the bits and pieces! btw the guy sleepin on the train tat pict is from a friend's cousin's page.. dno how he managed to put the paper over his face -.-

and the lizard, also hers. AHHA damn sick luckily we wash our cutlery stuff before we end our day so.. no such things ever gna happen to us! :D:D:D HURRAY. hahahah (oops)

and btw america's next top model is comin back!!! so cooool :D seems like they made some improvements on it.. good. ahhaha

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