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Monday, October 13, 2008

Different types of resin clays and properties

This is for the benefit of those who want to delve into resin clay. The properties are printed on the back of each clay packaging (it's in Japanese though.. ==) and I've also added my own experience with some of the clay.. (Just so you know some are not water-resistant!)

Grace Resin Clay
It's soft and very pliable. You can also add colors to the clay. Once dried, the piece will have a slight translucency (even if you've added some light colors), and it's flexible. It's not water-resistant.

Cosmo Resin Clay
It's soft but less pliable than Grace Resin Clay. The clay also dries up more easily than Grace clay, so work fast, or the clay will harden before you can finish your piece. Cosmo clay is a very good absorbent for paints (I used oil paints). Once dried, the piece is opaque (that's after I've added color... Not too sure if no color is added) and is harder than dried Grace Clay. Not water-resistant? (Not too sure, because water-resistance is not in the property list printed at the back of the package)

Modena Clay
Consistency is similar to Cosmo clay, but seems to dry up faster than Cosmo.. So work fast. Can add colorant to the clay. Dried clay has a slight translucency and it IS water-resistant. (Water-resistance is part of the properties printed at the back of packaging)

Modena Soft
Soft and pliable, but it seems a bit hard to smooth the surface properly... This is the only clay among these 4 types that's opaque white. Texture is also kind of different from the rest.. Dries opaque, flexible and IS water-resistant. (Water-resistance is part of the properties printed at the back of packaging)

Hope this list helps!


Sausage said...

So are these available in Singapore? So far I've only found la doll, grace and cosmo here. Haven't seen modena.

Indah Sari said...

where to find the grace clay in Singapore?

Sausage said...

I saw grace clay at creative hands in takashimaya. also saw at sagacity.

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