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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some handmade birthday gifts...

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, here are some photos of the birthday gifts I'd made so far~

Necklace and bracelet set for Alina. Made of handmade resin clay roses (sealed thrice with matte sealer), Swarovski pearls, Swarovski crystal butterfly charm, metal butterfly charms and interesting-looking chains.

The following are birthday cards made from different mediums.

Base of cards are some craft papers I bought at Popular bookshop. The 3D portions were made of different types of resin clay, ultra-mini plastic bottles and wires. And yes, those cookies and sweets in the jar are really very tiny... (the card is 1/4 the size of an A4 paper) =P

Still have some more gifts to make~ Will take more photos once I've finished making them...
(Still have my O' Crafty Day to prepare.. ><)

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Yuuki said...

OMG!!! Prettiness.


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