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Saturday, December 06, 2008

My Scary Yarn Stash...

Hahaha... My mum and XB can attest to that... =|

No photos to show though, coz they're all now packed up in luggage bags and zip lock bags.... >< Trying to use up 6 balls of gray-colored merino yarn at the moment for a Keito Dama Summer 2008 crochet top...

I'm already almost finishing one side of the top, and realised a while back that I might not have enough yarn!! Went back to spotlight in the hope to buy a couple more of the same yarn, only to find out that the yarn section had terribly shrunken! I couldn't find the yarn I need!!! >< Sigh... I did buy 2 balls of yarn of another brand.. Hopefully, I could use that for the edgings..

Oh well.. Just something random..

Oh! XB got me a very very very very advanced birthday gift! A Canon EOS 1000D! And it came with loads of freebies which my mum was complaining the whole of today... =( She kept telling me the dry cabinet's taking too much space.. (GRRR!! It's not even the width of my sewing machine!!) And she forbade me to turn the dry cabinet on for the 5 days my family will be going Hongkong!!... AARGHH... There's not even a chance for me to change her mind! (Was practically pissed off the whole of the afternoon... ><)


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