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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nifty Household Tip #2 - Rolls of Toilet Paper Holder

Credit for this idea should go to my boss's mum. During my NZ trip with my company, we dropped by her place for a visit. She's a really pretty vintage-style bucket that holds a few rolls of toilet paper in her equally beautifully decorated washroom.

I was really inspired by her brilliant idea, and thought that's the perfect solution for my really tiny toilet that has almost no space for any extra shelving. Hence, I decided to bring this idea back home.

Knowing that Singapore's a terribly humid country, and there's a shower in my toilet, having a vintage-style metal bucket is a big no-no. So, my thought was to get a plastic version that won't rust.

However, the plastic pails that the provision shops sell are kind of an eyesore (tacky!)... But neither do I want to spend loads on something that's going to be hidden in our master bedroom toilet.. Luck was on my side when I made a trip down to Daiso @ Ion Orchard to get something for the Ninni swap.

As I made my way through the entrance, rows of pretty colored bucket-like containers caught my eyes. They are made of soft plastic and are malleable (You can use them as small shopping bags!). The matte texture and simple lines give them a modern and minimalistic look. There were a few colors that I liked but I chose brown in the end.

I would have liked them to be a little bigger so that I could contain a few more rolls of toilet paper. But I guess for S$2, this is a great steal! In case you're wondering, there are 2 rolls of toilet paper inside. Which is pretty okay.

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