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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monster Ninni Swap at craftster!

I'm currently participating in a craft swap at craftster and I'm psyched and excited! My week's turning a little better after the extremely busy weekend of work and lack of sleep (why am I still up at this hour?!) and I've finally had the chance to do a test piece! Here's a look at the initial stage of the test piece:


As my swap partner might be visiting my blog, I will only post the finished test piece and the actual swap piece after she's received it. =) Not too sure if you can guess the theme, but I'll just leave your guess as it is for now. =)


Kathleen said...

I'm in the Ninni swap, too, and oh my gosh, I'm in love with your test-Ninni!! The face looks so sweet and the little clothes are amazing. Your partner is totally lucky. :D

Rhinestic said...

Hi Kathleen! Thank you for your nice comment! I'm sure your swap partner will be doing something great for you too! Have fun making your Ninni!

hapi said...

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