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Sunday, September 18, 2011

IQ Ball - Modular/Tessellation lamp on a shoestring budget...

In recent years, there has been quite a trend with tessellation lamps like the Ikea Knappa Klöver and these tessellation lamps from an Etsy shop. It's no surprise that these lamps are quite a hit as they look minimalist without losing the awe appeal. (Ahh, the wonders of Mathematics!)

A couple of weeks back, I met up with some friends at Clarke Quay for dinner. It was the Mid-Autumn festival and there was some celebration, lantern displays and make-shift stalls by the river. We were walking past some stalls and something caught one of my friends' and my attention. The stall was displaying what look like tessellation lamps of all sorts of colors, sizes and shapes.

My friend and I decided to check the stall out and were surprised that they were selling the DIY IQ Ball kit (that's how they name the balls) without the lighting at 2 for SGD$8! That, in our opinion, was very cheap! I know there are some people who dislike the hassle of making things from scratch, but we're the sort to gladly welcome any projects which require some assembling skills. So without much hesitation, we got a kit each. (That's only SGD$4 each!)


There are 30 card pieces (they seem to be made out of a certain kind of plastic..?) and they need to be assembled based on the instructions (in Chinese though.. that may explain the pricing..) provided in the kit. I had this mini-bunch of orange LED Christmas lights from Daiso (that's SGD$2) and I used that as the lighting within the ball.


Not too shabby for a lamp that costs just SGD$6, isn't it? I would have loved the lights to be brighter though..

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