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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mad Men Challenge 80% done!

Looks like I'm a little bit behind time!! ><

In case you're wondering, the dress in my previous post was for the challenge and since I made such a huge blunder, I ended up redoing everything with another floral fabric that I had on hand:


The dress is originally inspired by this particular Betty's dress:


... But my variation has a slightly lower neckline and a slightly less form-fitting top.. which resulted in the dress looking more Peggy-ish than Betty-ish....... Well.. That's how I felt when I tried the dress on... =P

The dress's not completed yet. I still need to finish the bottom edge of the skirt and add some snaps. I'm still contemplating whether to make a belt and a petticoat to go with it... But time's kinda tight!

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