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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Alexander Mcqueen Kimono Jacket Test Piece

Finally finished all the hand-sewing. The snaps on the sleeves did not work as well as I thought so I scrapped that idea altogether.

The front:


The back:


Sorry for the bad lighting! Would try to snap some better photos again during the daytime!

The beauty of this Alexander Mcqueen jacket is the folds, but sadly, the complex floral prints on the fabric sort of bury the lines of the folds.. Looks like I need to choose a fabric with subtler prints or with no prints at all when it's time to make the actual version.. But I don't mind wearing this floral version to any Natsu Matsuri events this year. =) Oh yah, I switched the collar pieces. As I prefer the traditional kimono style, right-over-left it shall be.

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