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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

WIP: Alexander Mcqueen's Kimono Jacket (Test version)

It was probably 4 years ago when I first saw this pattern. I was then more of a yarn person and had no intention of trying it, no matter how cool the jacket looked in the ShowStudio site.

Then, 2 years ago, while planning for my wedding, I had no idea what hit me but I was back at the site, staring at the very same jacket, thinking I wanted to make that for my bridesmaids so that I could have a "pseudo" Japanese-style wedding.. But that idea didn't materialize as I was way too busy getting frustrated over the renovation work of my new house..

 And a few days ago, just by chance, I was, once again, brought back to the same site (albeit with a very different look now..). I finally picked up the courage to download the pattern and printed it out the day before.

And boy did I take ages just to piece the 50 sheets of paper together... By the time I finished piecing them and cutting out the individual pattern pieces (with some scratching head in between while reading the instructions), half the day was gone. I probably took another half-day's time trying to cut out and transfer the (rather crazy) markings onto the fabric.

By now, I've only this much done:


I still have to baste the folds on the other half of the back before machine-sewing all the folds down. After which, I would need to attach the "okumi"-like panels, the collar as well as the sleeves.. Eh-hem, and this is just a test version.. Just need to get familiarized with the odd folds, that's all. (In comparison, the construction of the real kimono is so much simpler to comprehend..)

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