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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crafting Quick Tips: Handling finicky tiny alphabet stamps

My silicon alphabet stamps set came of great use while making the finishing touches to my postcards for the Pameran Poskad exhibition. However, my stamps set came in this tiny plastic sheet and it's almost impossible to paste those tiny stamps back according to alphabetical order every time I finished one letter. And before long, my floor was "littered" with these stamps and I had to squint and search for the alphabet that I wanted to use.

Another big minus point I had is that once I pulled each alphabet out from the plastic sheet, it seemed to lose the stickiness and refused to stick onto my acrylic block or the plastic sheet. I ended up rolling some glue tape on a piece of scratch paper and pasting the stamp onto the glue before getting that onto my acrylic block. I believe wiping a wet tissue over the back of the stamp will help in sticking onto the acrylic block too but I didn't have wet tissue on hand then.

That doesn't solve the problem of my stamps laying messily on the floor but it gave me an idea. I took sheets of paper, put some rows of glue tape, and pasted each individual alphabet stamp onto the tape in alphabetical order. To make sure I paste the stamp in the right orientation, I stamped each alphabet onto the paper first (which also acts as a label) and get the correct orientation of the stamp..


This made my life much easier as I can paste back each stamp very easily to the correct position and it's a breeze to search for an alphabet.

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