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Monday, October 01, 2012

WIP: The 1 Metre Blouse

And so my dilemma finally came to a resolution. I badly needed more blouses for work and since I've already had this project planned eons ago, I got my butt off and grabbed the already cut pattern (if you need a refresher, I tested the pattern a while ago) and my 1 metre Liberty fabric.

I had initially intended to alter the pattern a little right after making the test piece, but after wearing it almost every week to work, I found that I like the fit. That means I could trace and cut right away! What a blessing!

Liberty fabric + triangular buttons = Love!

I've finished cutting all the pieces, serged the edges that need to be serged before sewing and basted some of the darts. Next will be the assembling and all the rest of the sewing!

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