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Friday, December 14, 2012

Some random stuffs...

Just kidding about ciao-ing! Before I really go, I just wanna say a few things.

1. I'm so angry about our uncooperative night skies! Yes, I know. It is not like I can change the weather the way I want it to.. But it's the peak for Gemenids and I couldn't get to see them 2 years straight!!! =( I'm so sad that I could bawl my eyes out! (I'm now secretly hoping and praying that tomorrow night will be clear.. Please give me a glimmer of hope.. *pray*)

2. Les Miserable, the movie, will be opening soon!

3. There will be a new Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo special in January (if everything goes well as planned) 2013! Yamada Ryosuke will be the 4th generation Kindaichi and "Haruhi" will be the 4th generation Miyuki! OK, OK! Her real name is Kawaguchi Haruna. Just that she also acted in Ouran High School Host Club as Haruhi! Haha, love her. Dai-chan is also part of the cast, so this show will definitely be a treat for Hey Say Jump fans. Additionally, Vivian Hsu, Wu Zun and Big Bang's Seungri will be in this special too. Can't wait!

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