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Friday, December 14, 2012

A mini report..

About what's been going on in my life for this past week..

First of all, the Arts Open House on Sunday. Overall, it was a neat experience to be able to finally set up our very own craft booth, sharing the art of paper crafting with the senior citizens. But personally as a crafter and wannabe-artist/designer (LOL), it was a little disappointing that the organizers hadn't taken the time to explain to them what the Open House was about and I felt a little sad to see most of the senior citizens rushing for the free gifts without really appreciating the craft behind (maybe I was wrong).

But that aside, I was elated to meet a number of nice elderly ladies who were truly interested in our craft. I still couldn't get over the fact that I wasn't able to teach one of them the Christmas tree I made. The steps were a little too complicated for me to teach her within such a short span of time and with such a small working space...

Anyway, here are some photos that my beloved photographer took.. Haha!

Our booth with the "chalkboard" table cloth!

Paper folding + paper art.. 

Christmas cards + a random Christmas paper ornament

Christmas paper baubles

The crowd =)

Lovely cupcakes from Bella =)


Monday was pretty much a housework day for me as I didn't have time to do the laundry and ironing over the weekend. And it was also time to change and wash the bed linen, quilt cover, pillow cases.. yadda yadda.. Haha, stuffs that I was supposed to do over the weekend but I didn't.

Had to work on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I didn't get to do any crafting except knitting a few more rows for the Tenney Park sweater.

As for yesterday (yah, it was yesterday 45 minutes ago), I took leave from work to spend the day with XB as it's his birthday. Had a nice and cheap buffet lunch, and we gotta chill at a cafe nearby. It's a shame that it rained almost the whole day, robbing XB the chance to take any outdoor photos with his new DSLR.

Will be back at work later today. Well, hopefully, I can get some crafting done over this weekend and next Monday! Ciao peeps!

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