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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Preparation for Arts Open House: Packing the Kits!

My friend, Miss Xzz, came over in the late afternoon so that we could start packing the 50 paper craft kits, which will eventually be  given out to the senior citizens at our paper crafting booth @ the Arts Open House.

Well, we had some unfinished business before the actual packing.. There were paper templates still needed to be scored, materials to be divided, doilies to be stamped.... And we pretty much turned my spare bedroom into a "Christmas decoration" galore.... =P After getting all these things done, we sorta formed an assembly line for the kit packing.

But as you can see, the room was still as messy as before.  We eventually managed to pack 13 kits before the sky turned dark, and our natural dinner bells started ringing. 

Sorry for the glare...! ><

Erm, we did clean up the room a bit before heading out for dinner...


xzz said...

Haha... I like your choice of words on these posts!!! :)

Rhinestic said...

thanks, gal =)

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