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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Daiso Maniac Saturday: #1 Moko Moko Cupcake

Thought I would start a new series on a random Daiso find every Saturday! Being in Singapore, I think it's pretty amazing that we have quite a number of Daiso branches covering this tiny sunny island. The nearest branch from my house is only a 15 to 20-minute walk away! I do visit Daiso quite frequently, most of the time to see what new stuffs I can find there. It's fun. =P

Anyways, for today, I would like to introduce you to.... *Drum roll* Moko Moko Cupcake!

As you can tell from the photo, the package allows you to make cup-cakes, literally! All you need is a microwave, a microwavable cup (or in my case, a bowl) and an egg. Very simple! There are 3 flavors you can choose from: vanilla, mocha and caramel. Frankly speaking, I'm not a big fan of those flavors, but I ended up getting the mocha-flavored one.

Inside the box, you will find 2 packets of the cupcake mixture, each looking like this (at least for the mocha ones):

You should be able to make 1 cupcake out of an average-sized cup..

And so, you just add all your ingredients (cupcake mix + egg) into your cup (my bowl):

And mix them well like so:

As you can tell, my bowl is a little too big.. Ideally, the mixture should take up a little over half of your cup.

After mixing, you are supposed to microwave it for 2 min if you are using a 500 Watt microwave or 1.5 min if using a 600 Watt microwave...

Sadly, I have no idea what my microwave wattage is, but I randomly chose Medium High for the microwave power setting and set the timer to 2 minutes. And then praying that everything will be fine..

Oooh, the microwave settings seemed fine! Look how much the mixture had puffed up after cooking! If my bowl was smaller, it would have looked more like a cupcake!

Tasting time!

The texture's pretty soft (fuwa fuwa!), which is nice. The mocha taste was quite subtle, which I like since I don't really fancy coffee. The cake's a little dry though, but it would go well with a cuppa tea or coffee. Cheers!

p.s. Sorry for the terrible lighting and not very pretty cupcake! I did it in a rush before leaving for work! =P


Siew said...

Looks fun! Looking forward to more Daiso Saturdays! :D

Anonymous said...

Ham . . :p

レオン was here (reon_fujioka@yahoo.co.jp)

Rhinestic said...

Ham? :O

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