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Monday, January 21, 2013

Handmade Movement Singapore 2013

When we thought the (overly mild) December monsoon was over, the inconspicuous rain pounded relentlessly over the weekends. 

It didn't help that despite checking Google map, XB and I went the wrong route and walked up the stretch of stairs up Fort Canning Hill in the heavy downpour, only to realise that Fort Canning Green was just right behind the National Museum, and that my fixed shoe had come apart again. ==

When we finally got to the field, what was planned to be a picnic-filled craft fest ended up looking like make-shift rain shelters. With a slightly dampened spirit and feeling a little overwhelmed by the crowd in the main tent, we made our way to the smaller tents.

The crowd in the main tent, taken from the smaller tent.

In one of the smaller tents, they were having a workshop on screen-printing. If I had brought enough cash, I would have tried printing a tote bag!

Screen-printing workshop

In another small tent, a small group of participants were busy sewing what looked like quilted/collaged bags and some children making some kind of papercraft. (After checking up on their site, it was actually a papercraft mood lamp workshop. I should have stayed on for the sweet macarons charm workshop!!)

We eventually made our way to the main tent as that was where the booths were. We were almost constantly squeezing our way through the narrow aisles while browsing through the booths of handmade crafts (which also explains the non-existence of photos here =P). The thing about fans of handmade crafts is that everyone's friendly. No shoving, no shouting, no ugly behaviors. *thumbs up* Having nice live music was a plus too. Their rendition of On My Own was pretty good. =)

I was attracted to a few of the booths and would love to support the sellers, but silly me only had 10 bucks in my wallet... I ended up getting a temporary tattoo from Dottinghill..


If not for my shoe and the rain, I would have stayed longer. But nonetheless, I find it encouraging to see more and more efforts being put in to make people here more aware of the DIY and handmade world. Cheers!

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