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Monday, January 21, 2013

A little back in time: Christmas Craft Party 2012

Ahem.. Yeah, I know, I totally forgot about these photos in my point-n-shoot cam until I brought it out again last Saturday.

Anyways, the week before Christmas, Miss Xzz and I attended the Christmas Craft Party organized by The Little Happyshop.

Everyone's craftin' at the parteee

We had signed up for the Christmas ornament sewing session and it's almost awkward to be with kids younger than 1/3 our age who were also attending the same session... 

Sewing with Irene, the sewing instructor. She makes amazing bags!

I don't know which was more awkward though.. Just by being there with these enthusiastic kids or the fact that I already know how to sew, and I was there for fun (well, partly to support Ruth and the amazing crafters there) But all was well for we, the adults (made a new friend, Ailyn, that day!), were enjoying our sewing at our very own table. Hehehe~~

There were a number of ornaments to choose from, ranging from the simplest fish to the most intricate tiny squirrel. Miss Xzz and I both settled on the bunny and the squirrel, the hardest 2 of the lot.. Who would have thought the kids were equally ambitious.. 

As the session only allowed us to make 1 ornament (the other was a take-home kit), Irene advised us to start with the easier bunny. Ailyn had a go with the fish first.

Ailyn's fish

My bunny

Sample squirrel from Irene

The great thing about having workshops with The Little Happyshop at The Daily Scoop is of course the free ice-cream!

Ice-cream voucher!

Lovely mint ice-cream + rum ice-cream

Also bought an alpaca rubber stamp designed and carved by the young but talented Rachel Ma (same surname, what a coincidence!)

Alpaca 20 cent stamp rubber stamp (quite a mouthful..)

The stamp backing looks like a mini suitcase! Adorable!

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