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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Daiso Maniac Saturday: #2 Microwaved strawberry waffle using heart cake mold

This week's Daiso special is... *Drum Roll*

A microwavable heart cake mold (it says Omelet Heart in Japanese though.. haha). There is a recipe booklet in the packaging, but for me, I used the following ingredients:

Red Man Waffle Pancake Mix, a medium-sized egg and strawberry milk

And so, I measured slightly less than a cup of the pancake mix and dump that into a mixing bowl:

Then, I cracked the egg into the pancake mix:

And lastly, I kinda eyeballed about 90ml of strawberry milk and added that to the mixture:

Mix everything well:

Before putting the mixture into the mold, we need to slightly oil the mold first. I used my trusty low-cal extra virgin olive oil spray for that:

If you look closer at the mold, you will see a line running along the rim of it. When your mixture reaches this level, stop pouring...

And so, after oiling my mold, I poured my waffle mixture in by spoonfuls.. Well, I'm clumsy, so the spoon is my savior:

Make sure to tap the mold to level out the waffle mixture in between pours to prevent over-pouring. Once the mixture reaches the line, tap the mold a few more times to remove some air bubbles:

Next, to cook the waffle, I microwaved it on Medium-Hi for 2 minutes:

And tadaa! Strawberry waffle..! With a bulging middle.. Nice..

Okay, that bulge is not nice. What I did was to use the back of my spoon to flatten the bulge down while the waffle is still hot. Then I got the waffle out of the mold. Should be pretty easy if you oil the mold:

Sweet! Flip the waffle with the wrong side facing up again. Put your favorite filling (I used mint ice-cream! Yum!), fold the waffle in half, and there you have it! A really kawaii heart-shaped strawberry-flavored waffle!

I was able to make 3 waffles out of this tiny batch of waffle mixture. XB and I each had a mint ice-cream filled strawberry waffle. As for the last remaining waffle, I decided to spread strawberry jam over it and gave it some rainbow sprinkles goodness, and I must say, it tasted heavenly!

Trying to save a bloody heart with some rainbow sprinkles..

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