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Friday, February 22, 2013

A try at crepe paper flowerball~

My gal-pal will be celebrating her big day soon, and she has been doing a lot of research on wedding decorations via Pinterest. She was particularly fond of flower balls like this and this.

Due to the Chinese belief that people in mourning are not supposed to attend celebrations like weddings, I am not able to be her bridesmaid as planned. But having heard from her that she might not be able to get enough help from the new bridesmaids, I thought I should at least help her a little.

And so, what began as an offer to help her get the crepe paper streamers became a chance for me to aid in making the crepe paper flowerball. I am a little shocked that a such a small (3" to 3.5") foam ball requires more than 2 rolls of streamers (each 81 feet long). Perhaps I had made my roses tighter than normal and packed more into 1 small ball.. Haha..

Here's the final styling of the flowerball:

Using a plastic dessert cup as a stand, I filled the inside with fake marshmallows made from Kutsuwa paper clay and tied a gold ribbon round the cup. How romantic!

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