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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Daiso Maniac Saturday: #5 Colored Onigiri

This week's Daiso special involves not one but two Daiso products!

An onigiri mold and colored furikake (deco furi) to make colored rice "balls"! Let's open the packages. The onigiri mold allows you to make 2 cylindrical rice balls at a time. Pretty cool! =)

The left shallower part is the top presser, and the deeper part is to hold the rice. As for the deco furi, it came with 5 packets of different colored furikake. Enough colors to make character bento!

But this time round, I used only pink and purple for my onigiri experiment. The instructions on the deco furi package said to use 1 cup of cooked rice to 1 packet of furikake. Since I was having dinner alone, I had to make do with dividing my 1.5 cup of rice into 2 portions and mixing each packet of the furikake into the smaller portions. I guess I did end up with some slightly saltier rice balls...

Purple and pink rice. Oh what wondrous spring colors! They reminded me of lavender and sakura. Anyway, after mixing the rice and furikake, I scooped some rice from each bowl and filled each mold to almost the top.

I then covered the mold with the presser and gave it a little firm press.

Now, the moment of truth... I lifted the presser, while squinting my eyes hoping that the rice wouldn't fall apart...

Looks like they held their shape quite well! Let's see how they fared out of the mold...

Not bad on the first try. But I guess I could add a little more rice the next time round so that the rice balls are packed tighter and can be eaten using the hands without them falling apart that easily..

And no, I did not just have rice balls for dinner. Here's what I had!


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