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Monday, March 18, 2013

Daiso Maniac Saturday: #9 Yuzu Peel

Sorry for the late post! Have been busy packing for my Finland trip (flying later today!) and preparing for an MT tape event which is going to happen just the next day after I come back from the trip... Oh, busy-ness! (And I have not finished the preparation yet! Urgh..)

Anyways, this week is food week and I am going to recommend this candy called yuzu peel. 

It is basically candied pomelo peel and it is really yummy! This is something which I'll try to get whenever I'm at the Daiso at Plaza Singapura.

Tangy and sweet = Lovely combination

I also like it that the packaging is resealable! Very thoughtful! =)

As I will be travelling for the next couple of weeks, Daiso Maniac Saturday will be back on the 6th of April. Stay tuned! Well, hopefully, I'll get to upload some Finland photos during the trip! IF I manage to find Wi-Fi..

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