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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Diary of a Tropical Island Girl in the Finnish Lapland, in point-form: Part 1

Day 0

¤ On our way to Finland! We took a night flight and spent a total of 17 hours travelling from Singapore to Helsinki, waiting during transit and flying from Helsinki to Ivalo. Tiring. We reached Ivalo the next day slightly past noon (it's technically already evening the next day in Singapore.. zz..)

Day 1

¤ The Finnish Lapland (we're at Nellim, to be precise) reminds me of the magical scenery from the book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

¤ I love our (frozen) lake-side cabin. I wish I have my own complete with a sauna. Although I still couldn't quite figure out why the living room is placed such that you have to get through a bedroom first....

¤ Wait.. We either have to walk about 3km via proper roads...

... Or walk about 500m but on soft snow across the lake (the annoyance! I couldn't seem to keep proper balance while walking on soft snow!) to and fro our cabin to the reception building daily??? Oh wait, that's because we chose to do that instead of requesting them to give us a lift...

¤ We are indeed blessed to be able to catch the aurora on our 1st night!


¤ One of our cabin toilets kaput! Urgh!!

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