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Monday, April 08, 2013

Diary of a Tropical Island Girl in the Finnish Lapland, in point-form: Part 2

Day 2

¤ Waking up to the thermometer reading -20 degrees Celsius ... When we reached the hotel reception, Mari, the hotel owner, said that the temperature actually hit -28 degrees Celsius! No wonder frost was forming instantly on my hair when we were walking towards the hotel reception.

¤ We had cross-country skiing this morning. XB claimed I was suffering from heat exhaustion, though I think I had dehydration. I was perspiring buckets and was shocked to see my sweat forming into big chunks of ice in my hair!

¤ Night 2 of aurora. Who doesn't love an aurora that looks like the Dark Mark in Harry Potter's world? We witnessed that before the sky turned ugly on us and fed us some snow while we were doing our night snowmobiling. Perhaps that's Voldemort's revenge on us for mocking him.

¤ But we did manage to catch a little bit more of the lights during the snowmobiling when the skies opened a little. XB and CY were driving, so that left me with just a point-and-shoot to take some really lousy and shaky photos.

¤ We went back to our cabin after midnight and ended our day with more auroras.

Day 3

¤ We were greeted by some cute creatures "grazing" near our cabin!

I doubt you're Rudolph?

¤ We had our Wilderness Snowmobiling Safari today. Exhilarating ride, beautiful sights, delightful lunch and interesting stories.. These pretty much sum up what this activity was about! 

Adrenalin rush! I hitched a ride on our guide's snowmobile!

The Swedish-Russian border when Finland was under Swedish rule.

¤ Ever wonder how a real snowflake looks like?

The air there is so pure that snowflakes can retain its perfect 6-sided shape at this size. Magnifying glass not needed!


¤ Itching to get our clothes washed, we tried to figure out how the Finnish washing machine worked. =P

¤ Sigh, no aurora tonight. It was cloudy..
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