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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Diary of a Tropical Island Girl in the Finnish Lapland, in point-form: Part 3

Day 4

¤ It's fun to see the reindeer back grazing around our cabin. Though they seemed different from the ones yesterday......

¤ We had snowshoeing today. I am not exactly the sporty kind but I actually liked it (perhaps partly because I could hydrate myself by grabbing some snow while walking)!

The 4km course on uneven terrain was quite a workout but it was a thrill to be able to walk up to the top of one of the knolls and experience the chilly winds while at the same time, having a great view of the Russian lands not too far away.

We got to slide down the steep side of the knoll which was way more fun than a normal slide! Lesson learnt though: Remember to double or triple-knot the boot laces in case they come undone during snowshoeing.. I had the most uncomfortable walk in my life for the last 500m coz I kept feeling my feet slipping out of my boots! =S

¤ We had campfire food for lunch today. Simple but satisfying at the same time. Love our guides, Noora and Joonas. It's a joy to hear Noora talk about her life experiences in a humorous way and the soft-spoken Joonas trying to crack some toilet jokes. LOL!

Noora and a snowshoe participant got the campfire going!

Joonas topping up firewood on the campfire

¤ It's another cloudy night... =(

Day 5

¤ There's no activity in the morning so we decided to walk to the Skolt Sámi Orthodox Church. Heavy snow hit us but that's no biggie. It's pretty fun, actually.. hahaha

Heavy snow + pretty strong wind. The snow was blown horizontally..!

Quaint little wooden Church! It looks like something out of a fairy tale!

¤ We had a rushed lunch before making our way to the husky sledding activity. I love dogs so I was really pumped up about this activity.

I am a self-proclaimed klutz, so I was the passenger in the sled throughout the whole activity while XB's the musher. You would think with the blanket on, it should be warm and cozy in the sled. That's totally not the case and I was freezing cold by the time we stopped for a break...

My team of huskies! And yes, I was still sitting in the sled while taking this...

They are just too adorable!

And friendly too~

Still, the huskies were just precious even when they didn't smell exactly like roses..

¤ Tonight's our first aurora camp. I gotta sat on a sleigh led by a snowmobile! =D Noora's our guide and we hitched some snowmobiling help from Joonas for our big group of people.

The sleigh

What are camps without campfires? Once we reached the campsite, Noora, the superwoman, started to pick up the large firewood from the shed, chop them up into smaller pieces and set up the campfire, all by herself. And while she's at that, most of us started to get into photography mode.

Again, the sky's cloudy and there was no aurora except for the "I think this green thing (in the camera LCD screen) might be an aurora?" moment when this patch of sky cleared a bit...

The "green" thing

To while our time away, Noora started telling her entertaining life experiences again. It's just fun listening to her. Hahaha. It's not so fun to have my butt aimed in the direction of the lake though.. Not sure what the temperature was but my back was freezing from the wind and the warmth from the campfire wasn't really helping...

I guess the cold kinda took a toll on me and I hibernated (aka dozed off) while sitting on the sleigh back to the reception building. Hahaha...

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