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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Diary of a Tropical Island Girl in the Finnish Lapland, in point-form: Part 4

Day 6

¤ We had a really rushed breakfast today as we had to make a trip down to Saariselkä, which was an hour or so away by car, for our reindeer safari. But little did we know the activity would only start about an hour later and we had to chill for a little at the Joikun Kota.. But thankfully, the lady owner was really cheery and hospitable. Had a really nice cuppa fruit tea. Yumm~~

Joikun Kota, painstakingly built by the lady owner's husband!

¤ The skies were especially blue today~~

¤ As for the reindeer safari activity... I guess we were no Santa claus.. hahaha.. I had always imagined sitting on a sled led by a group of reindeer would be like flying (pun intended). Nothing of that sort though. The whole ride was more of a relaxing affair, allowing you to absorb the beauty of the wondrous nature.

Reindeer and sleds

This was one enthusiastic reindeer!


Do you know that moss is like candy to reindeer?

The ride might be a little too slow-moving for us "youngsters", but we did thoroughly enjoy our chats with our guide and fellow activity participants. We had our lunch at the cozy Joikun Kota and we chatted a little with the lady owner. We were the most surprised when she told us that there were a number of Singaporeans working around the area!

With the lady owner

¤ We had our 2nd aurora camp tonight. It's a shame that we didn't get to see any auroras even though the night sky got clearer later into the night... =(

No aurora to be sighted. But Cassiopeia's pretty obvious!

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