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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daiso Maniac Saturday: #12 Lemon and Acerola Gummy

Maybe I should have named it Sunday.. Hahaha... But anyway, this week's special is:

Lemon and Acerola gummy! If you recall, I introduced the cola and soda version in my post here. Not very sure if the lemon and acerola flavors are new, but I've not seen them previously. My experience with the cola and soda version was not too bad, so I decided to buy this and try. As with the cola and soda ones, each gummy is individually wrapped. 



The lemon gummy has a taste reminiscent of lemon cough drops. I like it but I'm not sure what they added inside which makes it taste like so though....

Lemon gummy

As for the acerola-flavored gummy.. Had no idea what acerola was, so I did a little google search. Acerola is an evergreen shrub which produces berry-like fruits which are very high in vitamin c and anti-oxidants.

Taste-wise.. I can't quite put it... I've never tried acerola before but the gummy tasted like a complicated mix of berries and what tasted like Jasmine green tea to me.. Hahahha.. I know! It's weird!

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