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Monday, April 22, 2013

Home-cooked Brunch: Baked Breaded Chicken Fingers + Stir-fried Bean Sprouts in Worcestershire Sauce

Thought I would share my recipes for the baked breaded chicken fingers as well as the stir-fried bean sprouts in Worcestershire sauce.

Basically, I was trying to use up the leftover ingredients from my dinner yesterday...

I cooked pad-thai for dinner yesterday :) I used the Muji Pad-thai kit, and it's delicious! A must-try!

I was surfing Youtube in the wee hours of the night, searching for simple baked chicken fillets recipes and most are either too troublesome to make or required ingredients and seasonings not found in my kitchen. I finally found one that was reasonably easy and healthy, and I have already everything I needed. I did alter the recipe quite a bit, though I feel that I should have used a little more salt. For some reason, everytime I cook, I always have the fear of adding too much salt.. Hahah.. Anyway, here's my altered recipe:

Baked Breaded Chicken Fingers

Ingredients (Serves 1-2)
- 4 pieces of chicken fillets
- 1 medium sized egg
- about 1-2 cups of panko (bread crumbs)

- Salt
- Black pepper
- Paprika
- Garlic granules
- Dried mixed herbs
- Cooking spray (I used 1 cal olive oil spray)

"Drizzling" sauce:
- Tomato ketchup (my ketchup has chilli added to it. yum!)
- Worcestershire sauce
- Japanese mayonnaise

- Disposable baking tray / Baking tray covered with aluminium foil
- Oven


1. I cut each piece of chicken fillet into half, so I ended up with 8 pieces of smaller bite-sized chicken meat. I then seasoned the meat with salt and black pepper.

2. I cracked the egg into a bowl and beat it gently. You could season the egg with some salt and black pepper if you wish to.

3. I spread the panko onto a shallow dish and mixed in some salt, black pepper, paprika and garlic granules. (Up to you to add how much you want.. )

4. I covered my baking tray with a light layer of cooking spray and started pre-heating my oven to 230 degrees celsius.

5. To make the dredging and coating process easier, I laid my plate of seasoned chicken pieces, bowl of egg , plate of seasoned panko and the prepped baking tray side by side. Starting from the plate of chicken pieces, I picked a piece of chicken and dropped it into the bowl of egg, making sure to coat it nicely with a layer of egg.

Then I proceeded to coat the egg-dredged chicken piece with the panko (you might need to manually pat the panko onto the chicken to make it stick better), and lay the piece in the baking tray. Continue until all pieces of chicken are coated with panko.

6. I then sprinkled some dried mixed herb onto the chicken pieces.

7. Once the oven was done pre-heating, I baked the chicken pieces for 12 to 15 minutes (or until they are well-cooked).

8. I served my chicken pieces on a plate, and drizzled some tomato ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and Japanese mayonnaise over them.


Up next, stir-fried bean sprouts in Worcestershire sauce. So not conventional... The Chinese style of cooking bean sprouts is to use tofu and season them with soy sauce, a bit of sugar and perhaps some oyster sauce. But I was sold once I tried my own twist of this Japanese stir-fried moyashi omelette recipe. Here's my really simple and fast but delicious recipe!

Stir-fried Bean Sprouts in Worcestershire Sauce

Ingredients (Serves 1-2):
- 2 cups rootless bean sprouts
- some chopped pieces of spring onion (I cut them into 2 cm pieces)
- 1 egg, beaten (I used the leftover from the breaded chicken recipe)

- Worcestershire sauce (to taste, mine's the Japanese Bulldog brand, if that makes any difference...)
- Garlic granules (to taste)
- Olive oil (a little,  less than 1 tablespoon)


1) Wash the bean sprouts and set aside.

2) In my non-stick frying pan, I pre-heated the olive oil over medium high heat.

3) I added the garlic granules to the pan and heated them until fragrant. It is okay if they look a little burnt.

4) I then added the bean sprouts and stir-fried for a bit until the garlic and the bean sprouts were well mixed (I did this for probably a minute or 2, not too long).

5) Next, I added and mixed in the Worcestershire sauce well with the bean sprouts.

6) I then poured the beaten egg over the bean sprouts and stir-fried the mixture. Once the egg solidified and resembled scrambled egg, I added the chopped spring onion and stir-fried for a few seconds before turning off the heat.

7) I served my bean sprouts on a nice plate. =)

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