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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Daiso Maniac Saturday: #15 Chocolate-colored Glue Sticks

I promised 2 weeks ago in my first "The Christmas Tree Patisserie" post that I will be introducing this yummy-looking glue stick (and the mold that I used).

I happened to get this "milk chocolate-ish" color but after visiting a few Daiso stores here, I believe the glue sticks also come in dark brown, pink and white. Do note that the glue sticks are to be used with the small hot glue gun.

I actually got the idea of using the glue sticks with a mold from AtelierLorien, another channel by Abi from StudioLorien. Here are my materials and tools:

A chocolate mold from Daiso, my own molds, my ugly small hot glue gun, and a piece of paper

And so, I loaded my glue gun with the chocolate glue stick and let it sit for a while until the melted glue could flow smoothly onto the piece of paper. Then, I started to fill some of the shapes in the Daiso chocolate mold.

The process can be kinda fiddly since glue is, well, sticky. I would suggest placing the tip of the glue gun within the mold cavity while squeezing the glue out. Once the cavity is filled, tap the mold to level the melted glue. Once the glue cooled and hardened, I removed the pieces out from the mold.

And here are a couple of pieces from my own molds.

Chocolate floral cabochon..

Chocolate bar with a bite off..


Anonymous said...

Hi. Where did u get your hot glue gun? I have been looking for glue gun that fits the Diaso glue sticks in Singapore.

Rhinestic said...

Hihi, I got my mini low temp glue gun from Spotlight. Art Friends might have too?

Anonymous said...

thank you so much! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi i would like to ask, what kind so plug is needed from the glue gun wire? because the plug from glue gun doesn't look like ordinary plugs. and my glue gun is from daiso.


Anonymous said...

sorry i had lots of typo errors, i meant:

Hi i would like to ask, what kind of plug is needed from the glue gun's plug wire? because the plug from my glue gun doesn't look like ordinary plugs and my glue gun is from daiso


Rhinestic said...

Hi, I was using a glue gun that's not from Daiso, so I'm not very sure. Do you have a picture of the plug so I could take a look and perhaps help you?

Anonymous said...

okay thanks for replying:) i couldn't attach any file as a comment so is there any other way i could send a picture of it to you? or the pictures of it are also on google. sorry if i am disturbing you and thanks for helping

Rhinestic said...

It's ok :)

Perhaps you could email the photo to me at rhinestic@gmail.com?

You most probably would need to get a travel adapter to convert the Japanese 100 volt 2-pin plug (which I am assuming the glue gun is using) to whichever type of plug you need to use for your country.

Unknown said...

Hi how much thAt kind of glue gun?,, is it the spotlight in plaza Singapura u talking about?

Rhinestic said...

Hi! Any small/mini low temp glue gun should work with the daiso glue sticks.

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