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Monday, May 06, 2013

The Christmas Tree Patisserie - #1 Mint Choco and Strawberry Choco Macarons

First up in the menu of the Christmas Tree Patisserie is:

Mint choco macarons and strawberry choco macarons. The shells were made from Fuwa Fuwa clay (light-weight paper clay from Kutsuwa) which I had tinted mint green and strawberry pink respectively. The shells were let dry before I glued the chocolate bits and the chocolate fillings.

The chocolate bits on top of each macaron were made by melting chocolate-colored glue stick in chocolate molds, both of which were from Daiso and I will be introducing them this week. As for the chocolate fillings, they were also made from Fuwa Fuwa clay which I had tinted a nice yummy shade of milk chocolate!

All the pieces were then dried and glazed with matte varnish.

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