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Monday, May 06, 2013

Pouch + Kimono Cropped Top

Last saturday, I attended the 2nd part of the shibori dyeing workshop. This session was fully on hand-sewing and all of us managed to complete our very own pouch.

And so, I was left with 6 of the dyed pieces. I had thought of making a tank top out of them but after playing around with the pieces, I figured there wasn't enough fabric. (Well, on hindsight, with some extra fabric from the stash + some creative piecing, there could be enough..)

In the end, I decided to choose 4 from the 6 pieces and display them in their full glory. And I thought the best way to do so would be creating a Kimono-ish top, 1 dyed piece for each panel. And hence, the birth of my Kimono cropped top.

The front: floral + damask

The back: Triangles + Peranakan (The overhanging piece is from my striped piece)

I'm not that thrilled about the white lace trim. It would have been more lovely if it's dark blue. But I guess all I need now is a nice white dress to pair this top with... My next sewing project?

As for my 2 leftover dyed pieces, I guess I will sew another pouch out of them.

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