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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Christmas Tree Patisserie - #2 Random Yummies and Whipped Cream Dollops

Next in the menu are some random cookies and macarons as well as lots of whipped cream dollops.

All the above pieces are glazed and have eye-screws attached. In fact, they are part of the first batch of clay pastries I made for this series and the jam tart had appeared in an earlier post here.

The following macarons are new and I'm still waiting for the "filling" to dry before glazing.

If you have followed my Daiso Maniac Series, these cream dollops should be familiar. (If not, do check out how I had made these from Daiso paper clay.) I have added gold eye-pins to the pieces.

Star dollops

Swirl dollops

Rosette dollops

Have no idea what you call these..

This should have been in the crafting updates post.. But.. Oh well..

I made some macaron shells and other clay parts for more clay yummies.

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