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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Busy being a student and some sort of a homemaker... =(

Have not been crafting much this couple of weeks except for perhaps knitting a few more rows on my chevron top.. I thought I would have more time crafting now that I'm focusing on my part time course but I'm so wrong... Most of my time is spent doing the daily housework and preparing for the next lessons. XB said it's okay not to clean the house everyday, but looking at the amount of dirt stuck on the dry wipe every after cleaning kinda deters that thought..

Classes wise, for textile printing, we learnt to replace the mesh over our screenprint frame and burnt another image onto it. We were allowed to bring any image we want, but I went with my own illustration. (Talking about screenprint, I got myself a very affordable screenprint kit that comes with a simple exposure unit! I have yet to try it, but once I do, I'll post it up on my blog!)



As for apparel design, we had to finalize on our color scheme before this week's class. I had a hard time trying to find out the pantone color codes until I realized my illustrator has some pantone libraries... For the class itself, we finally began on our design sketches.

Having been more of a sewer than a designer, the idea of designing as much as you can is quite a challenge for me (especially within the 3-hour lesson). I like to put details on my garment, but once I got onto the 10th or so garment, my brain juices were pretty much dried up. And yet, I'm far from done. Looks like I have myself some more homework to do...

Design sketches so far..

And while I'm busy being a student and a homemaker, I've also been doing some thinking on the possibility of my online shop. Still in the thinking/brain-storming stage. Hopefully, I can get to the planning stage soon!


TheGirl said...

oh! Your designs are so pretty though!

Rhinestic said...

Hi, gal, thanks ! :)

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