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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Daiso Maniac Saturday: #21 DIY Ice-cream Filled Chocolate Capsules!

And here's the mold!

I actually got this early this year, but for some reasons, didn't get to experiment with it until now. I first saw this mold used in this youtube video, perhaps a couple of years back, but I had never seen it sold in our local Daiso stores until I visited the then newly-opened branch at City Square mall. I managed to find something similar and quickly bought one.

Anyway, back to the mold. Here's a look at the actual mold inside.

It comes in 2 parts, this white top cover and the pink bottom mold. And so, you basically melt some chocolate first. I used this Wilton dark cocoa mint candy melts which can be melted in the microwave.

I didn't need a lot. I believe I used less than 8 pastilles..? 

And so, I melted the pastilles in my microwave for 1 min and then at 30 seconds interval until the chocolate could be stirred to a smooth texture like so.

Then, I scooped some melted chocolate and filled each cavity in the pink mold. I tapped the mold lightly on the table to level the chocolate. Instruction says to pour till the line, but there are none in the heart-shaped ones. So, I kinda eyeballed the amount.

Then, I placed the white cover on top, making sure the heart indents are aligned with the heart molds and the circular ones with the circular molds, and pushed the cover down.

Isn't this cool? The cover creates the hollows in the chocolate pieces! And guess what? I still had leftover chocolate in my mini bowl... 


But not for long. =D Anyway, I let the chocolate in the mold set in the refrigerator for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, I popped the hardened chocolate out of the mold.

Hmm.. I guess I could fill the mold a little more the next time. I had some mint ice-cream on hand, so I filled each chocolate cavity with enough ice-cream. 

I kinda let the ice-cream melt to level the liquid, and popped the plate into the freezer for about 10 minutes to refreeze the ice-cream.

And just before taking the plate of ice-cream filled chocolate halves out of the freezer, I placed a metal spoon into a cup of very hot water.

I used the back of the hot metal spoon (use a paper towel to dry the spoon first) to melt the edges of the chocolate and placed the halves together. And tadaa!!

My very own mint ice-cream filled mint chocolate capsules! What a mouthful! I think I'm going to make another batch with dyed white chocolate. (It would be nice if I could make more than 2 capsules at once for each mold..)


Cindy Hayashi said...

OMG~i'm so going to buy this mold!!! Thank you for each of the items experience~feels so interesting!!!

Rhinestic said...

No problems! Have fun! =)

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