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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Backdated Stuffs: Arts Market + Musuem Love!

Last Saturday (which would be 8 days back), XB and I went down to the Public Garden Arts Market at the National Museum. 

The girls from Hey Kumo had a stall there too! If you are not aware, they now have a physical shop called Small and Able located at: #03-22 Peninsula Shopping Centre. If you ever have a chance to visit Singapore, do give their nifty shop a visit! 

The 2 ladies were too shy to be part of the photo.. ==

Besides the Arts Market, all exhibitions were opened to the public for free that day! I was totally exhilarated because, there were 2 fashion-related exhibitions and an exclusive art exhibition called "Princely Treasures from the House of Liechtenstein".

The first fashion exhibition was about how fashion was like in Singapore from the 50's to the 70's. There were some lovely dresses displayed!

Betty (Mad Men)!

(Warning! All the photos from here onwards were taken using my iPhone 3GS.. So pardon the blurness and graininess...)

I love that middle cheongsum

The other was a fashion collection by our local fashion designer, Ong Shunmugam. Her collection was inspired by all the nostalgic places in Singapore. (No, sadly, no cheongsums by her) I think one of the highlights (other than her inspirations) of this exhibition is her use of vintage fabrics and kimono fabrics for her pieces.

And what princely treasures, you might be wondering. This amazing art exhibition showcases over 90 masterpiece artworks, collected over the past 500 years, owned by the Prince of Liechtenstein. We joined one of the exhibition tour guides (I'm glad we did) and were truly amazed by the ingenuity and complexity of the concepts and techniques behind each painting. 

"He dumped me! T.T" Look at the details on the blue dress!

And somehow, memories from my Russian trip flooded back to me then. We went to a few art museums there, and I was totally awed by their ridiculously intricate decor of the museums and their ridiculously large collection of artworks, some dated way back to the (no kidding) ancient times. 

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