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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rain Tree

I guess this nostalgia bug hit me again and I suddenly had the urge to do some rubber stamp carving.. 

Back when I was an upper Primary school kid in the early 90's, I remember having to memorize the local plants and trees. Bougainvillea... Dumbcane.. Ixora plant.. Flame of the forest.. And our favorite, the rain tree, with its unique umbrella-shaped crown. And suddenly, all the good things that happened in the early 90's flooded back to my puny brain, and I just had to doodle out that image of the rain tree...

Kinda random. I know. And I ended up creating a stamp out of it. I also finally decided to use my double-colored Horunabi rubber block, after a year of fearing that I might ruin the perfect yumminess of the block. I was insane. Period.

The stamped image is slightly smaller than 2 7/8" by 1 7/8". And to instill some good rubber stamp carving habits, I decided to put in some effort in neatening and rounding the rubber block.. *smiles*

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