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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Daiso Maniac Saturday: #24 Curry Udon

Just because it's almost instant! (minus points on healthiness though.....)

According to the package, the curry soup contains spring onions and carrots. And instant as it is, the udon is the non-dry type.

I was a little disappointed that the curry was in the form of freeze-dried powder though. I was hoping for something more like the instant curry that I introduced in this Daiso Maniac post. Anyway, deviating from the package instructions, I tried to cook the curry udon in my microwave. I first cooked the water in my microwave at high for 3 minutes (to boil it), then placed the udon (the plastic packaging removed) in the water and microwaved it for 1.5 minutes with a lid on.

After which, I added the curry powder (and leftover beaten egg which I had from making the baked chicken katsu) and microwaved that again for another 1.5 minutes, lid on.

I got the recipe for the baked chicken katsu from Runny-san, but I didn't use any oil when roasting the panko.

Taste wise, the curry wasn't as rich as the usual udon curry sauce.  Perhaps I should have used a little less water since I wasn't cooking over the stove and the curry sauce couldn't really reduce. Not very sure if I want to try again though... Perhaps I should get a similar udon curry kit from one of our local supermarkets and compare the differences!

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