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Monday, September 30, 2013

My Steampunk Fashion Illustrations

Thought I'd show you the fashion illustrations that I had done for my apparel design assignment. 

I mainly used water color to do the coloring. Which was quite a "daring" decision on my part... Since it's a media I wasn't very familiar with (I'm more comfortable with filling in with pencil techniques) and I ran the risk of ruining my drawings.. But you know, after some getting used to, I found water coloring quite enjoyable and therapeutic. Hahaha! 

I also used copic markers on the faces, skin, hair and some parts of the clothing. If you had not known, I'm quite a fan of Kristina Werner and I've learnt a lot of copic coloring techniques from her youtube videos. Ironically, I didn't have any copic markers to practise with then. When I finally got hold of the colors I needed for this assignment, I was quite surprised to find copic coloring quite a breeze! Thanks to Kristina Werner and her amazing techniques! =D

I am a girl who loves mixed media in artworks. So to finish up the pieces, I heat embossed all the lacework and flourishes on the garment drawings; gave a light wash and added heat embossed images to the backgrounds; glued on tiny watch gears; and distressed the paper with chalk pastels and color mists...

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