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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Daiso Maniac Saturday: #27 Oyumaru Experiment Part 2 Ice Cream Waffle Clay Mold

Hey-o! I'm back with another Oyumaru experiment! This time round I tried making ice cream waffle molds from it.

So the materials I used to form the molds are:

Oyumaru of course, pair of chopsticks, a blade, metal ruler, quilting ruler and a container of boiling water. As usual, first I put the oyumaru into the hot water for a few minutes to soften it up.

Working on a piece of paper, I kinda split the oyumaru into halves and rolled each piece into a ball. I then flattened each piece with my quilting ruler.

The size of the mold will be dependent on the waffle that you want to make. I ended up flattening it to about 2 inches in diameter for the bigger mold and 1.5 inches for the mini mold.

For the bigger mold, I used the edge of my metal ruler to create perpendicular grooves on the flat oyumaru. The lines are about 5mm apart. I did let my oyumaru cool a bit before doing this step.

First horizontally... I initially used a 1.5-inch piece which turned out a little too small..

Then vertically... 

My final sizes.

I also made a smaller mold for mini waffles with another oyumaru using the reverse side of my blade.

And thought it would be useful to create a base for shaping the mini waffle...

To make the waffles, I used some Grace + Cosmo clay combo and a bit of yellow ocher acrylic paint to tint. For the bigger waffles, I split the tinted clay into 1/2 teaspoon balls.

Before using the molds, I used some baby oil to prevent the clay from sticking to them. I took a ball and pressed it into one of the big molds.

Then I covered that with another big mold, and smooshed the 2 molds together. I tried to get the edges thinner and the center thicker.

Then, I carefully peeled the clay away from the mold. And there it was! A flat waffle piece.

Since the piece was big enough, I kinda shaped it into a bowl using just my hands. For the mini ones, I did use the shaper base to help me a little. I then let dry the clay pieces for 1 day.

Drying in progress.

Ice cream waffles

And.. the mini ones. =)


Lin Rongxiang said...

Passing through ahhh.. this coming month my tibetan guru coming Singapore visiting then kept me awake all night when my single buddhist aunt is contemplating whether hosting monks within our household. Just a secondary school classmate a brief 1 year, who chose hiding from all the friendship gatherings over the years as everybody got married and angbaos were flying here and there. There are alot of names that cross my mind the more I siam, the memory is there yet the attitude is still the same.

When I was in NPCC at Anderson Sec between 94 - 97, whenever the guys and gals were doing their drill iirc, I would be hiding in the room against Valerie's will playing carram.

Very bad attitude of me, yet ironically that's why I enjoyed Valerie's leadership alot as a subordinate.

I was just going through my mental recollection of a whole bunch of girls in primary and secondary school that I still vaguely remember, then a bunch of NCOs came across my mind. Then amongst peers, Chew Ling came across my mind and I recalled that Weibin owed me money and I siam somemore, pissed off. Then Pearlyn, then Melissa, then I recalled Wee Ngai Shen getting married inviting me last month, then I siam somemore, stressed out. Then Christine Ma came across my mind. Did a facebook search, saw CS Wong's name there, then I recalled how hard I worked to avoid his and Esther's wedding with Esther pretending I'm her make-belief son and I pretending she's my mother throughout university days. Ran out of place that I could hide then saw you had a blog. ^^b

No choice gotta say hello. No need to show face I recall fondly the Christine from 1/1 who sat on my immediate right hand side when school first started. (I had a good impression of her from before till today it was the pranks involving Jinsheng they all that probably gave me better things to do than dating a girl).

Jiayou. Lovely designs. Good photography. Enjoy the little tinge of Japanese flavour. goodness now after chivelle crosses my mind, next up i recall betty kang, oh great done with secondary school now i've got AJC names appearing


Rhinestic said...

Hey Rongxiang, yeah, I do remember you. Hope you are doing fine. You sounded a little emo in ur comment.. Cheer up!

Anonymous said...

Emo is an understatement. I usually deal with a variety of chronic mental conditions, anyway before seeing this blog again I just got my full body donation approved by National Organ Transplant Unit, they got me a nice membership card that I can keep in my wallet and recall either Jesus or some other spiritual order with.

What scares me more is being remembered than forgotten, was actually quite curious about some Right To Be Forgotten initiative before NOTU came with a better cause of sorts. As I keep going through your more recent artworks and writeups a smiling face of a 2/2 classmate Rachel Lee Shuwen keeps appearing. This person keeps appearing in my mind every other week if you ever watched a Beautiful Mind she is like some delusive fantasy of a lunatic that always seem to be 14 years old in my brain.

It is my right, when you are crazy like me, you get to lsuh like me.

Hahaha :D

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