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Friday, November 29, 2013

Heart and Doubt

Hey peeps, sorry for the missing Daiso post last Saturday. Had been extremely busy for the past 1 week prepping extra materials and doing some deep thinking on elderly-friendly "tools" for 2 community paper craft events that I was involved in as an instructor.

Before everything, when I agreed to be an instructor for the elderly sessions and assistant for the children's sessions, I was looking pretty forward to the sessions. But with sudden change in plans and what felt almost like "backstabbing" from a hiccup, it nearly made me feel that all the effort, time, money and sleepless nights that I forked out was not worth it.

Thank God I have the smiles from the lovely senior citizens as my saving grace.

Anyway, here are some samples that I made for the events. (Note, the base pop up cut out design and iris-folding star design were created by the lady who "sorta hired" me. I just tried to upgrade them a bit. =P)

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