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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Chrismas! A Small Christmas Crafting Update

Merry Christmas, everyone!

For this Christmas, I decided to handmade some of the gifts.

I Love Baking feat Yoshitomo Nara's artwork

Nordic Skating

Had my hands on Easy Cast resin and Ice resin and made 3 coasters. I am a newbie in dealing with 2-part epoxy resin, so I did some digging on the different brands of resin. Apparently, Easy Cast resin has a formula that results in softer cured resin which was not exactly ideal for the coaster surface. Hence, the use of Ice resin for the outer layers.

However, I've an annoying problem.. Mini bubbles appearing in Ice resin.. If you look closely at the I Love Baking coaster, there are 3 bubbles positioned "so strategically" at the center of the girl's forehead.. == Also, there are mini bubbles appearing in between the miniature utensil holder and the whisk. Nordic Skating fared much better but there are still a few bubbles above the letter "Y"... Alas, the worst had to be... (Brace yourselves!)


The ridiculously bubbly piece! I haven't had the chance to meet up with my friend yet, so yes, I'm going to remake this piece. I will most probably be sealing all the little pieces which I am going embed into the resin this time round!

I also made this shrinky dink deer taxidermy pin for a guy friend.

Pretty rad-looking, if I'd say so myself... Hahaha

And then, I made my own DIY Christmas tree wall hanging. Which also acts as my patisserie "dish" for some of the Christmas Tree Patisserie clay minis that I made for the past few months.

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging (Excuse the Sun-like thing behind the tree... That's my Chinese paper cutting stuck on the wall..)

Clay yummies

Star "meringue" made from this microwaveable Fimo Air clay... Not my favorite clay to work with though..

And last but not least, I was invited to a Christmas craft party last saturday and I got to make these 2 lovely hanging ornaments!

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