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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Slapped by the Snake's Tail

So, the year of the Snake will be ending in just 2 days' time. Have been busy making more stuffs for my Etsy shop, but I am still kinda far from done (with all the spring cleaning in between). I was hoping to get some things completed for these couple of days but 2 certain emails managed to throw me off course and sucked me into another spiral of self-doubt and well, uncertainty.

The first email I received was actually a comment notification from Blogger. So someone commented that I gave 'a really pathetic review' of the Honey Mustard pretzels from Daiso. Well, in the first place, Daiso Maniac isn't exactly a reviewing platform, but okay.. It's just that getting this type of comments after putting the effort to share is kinda discouraging. =( We, craft bloggers, do appreciate a bit of encouragement from our readers, ya?

The next email was from a blog advertising community which I have an account. I cashed out my earning (which is actually very little after accumulating for a year or so) 2 months back, only to be slapped by them now saying that the cash out was rejected because my account has been involved in a click fraud.

??????????? As far as I know, I did not click on my own ads repeatedly, and I've never asked anyone to click on them either. 

So they removed the portion of earning which they suspected was from click fraud and put back the remaining amount back to my account. After checking my account, I realized the amount deducted was not a lot, but because the total amount fell below their minimum cash out amount, they can't pay me until I hit the minimum again and I re-cash out. What?

I am really considering removing their ads since it only adds clutter, and they kinda de-value me by branding me a click fraud anyway. Not really worth it just trying to earn that SGD 50 bucks after a year of waiting.

What a way to end the year of Snake.

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