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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

DIY Tiered Display Stand (With a Mini Scene) Completed!

Pretty fancy, huh? =P Here's a closer look at the glass in the middle tier!

Not sure if you can tell, but I'm quite a "nature" gal. =) If you're interested in how I made this, read on!

As usual, I went to my favorite place, Daiso, to get the dishes and glasses, as well as some colored stones and mini decor glass pebbles. (At a time like this, it would be great to have some thrift stores around. But I don't have such luck around my area.)

All these dishes and decor stones set me back for less than USD15. Sweet! I also used my trusty E6000 glue to adhere the pieces together.

~~~~ The Steps ~~~~

When I did the bottom 2 tiers, I was meticulous. I traced the largest plate on a piece of 12" x 12" paper that I had on hand and cut the circle out. I folded the circle into quarters to mark out the center.

I placed the glass on top of the marked center, and traced round the base of the glass. After which, I cut out the inner circle and adhered the paper to the plate using washi tape. The part where the plate's not covered by the paper would be the exact middle. Before gluing the glass to that bottom tier, I marked out on the bottom of the middle tier where the glass brim will be adhered to. This time round, I used just washi tape instead. This was the start of me getting lazy. Hahaha..

Okay, back to that largest plate with the adhered piece of donut-shaped paper (sort of.. shape wise..?). In the middle where the hole is, I applied a liberal amount of E6000 to the plate and then pressed the glass firmly down. I waited for about 30 minutes before tearing the piece of paper away. I then layered the colored stones and glass pebbles the way I wanted it before using some toothpicks to apply some E6000 to the brim.

Then, using the 'washi tape'-marked areas as a guide, I adhered the 2nd plate to the glass brim. And this is what I got (Ignore the washi tape on top of the plate.. I no longer used it as I changed to a smaller glass later on..)!

For the second glass, I mentioned I wanted something fancier in my earlier post. I ended up creating a mini scene within the glass before adhering the glass to the second tier.

The whole process of creating the mini scene took me a few days. I started with making some fishes and water plants out of polymer clay. Since I'm going for the cream + green look, I used Fimo translucent white and white combo.

I then layered some ice resin to create that faux pond look (within the glass, of course!) which took a couple of days since there's some waiting game for the curing part.

While the resin was curing, I took the time to make a mini origami paper boat and crochet a green-colored seedling. And while the resin still had a little bit of tackiness left, I stuck the paper boat on one side. I then mixed up a bit of resin and let it go gooey before mixing in some small white stones.

I then slowly spooned this (pretty gross) resin-stone mix beside the paper boat. And while this mix was still tacky, I pushed my crochet seedling into it. I let this glass of resin goodness cure for a couple of days.

During which, I made 2 small pom poms out of this beautiful cream-colored merino yarn. I know, what a waste to use the yarn on this...

Once all the resin was fully cured, it's time to assemble what's leftover together. I first glued the mini scene glass to the 2nd tier. This time, just eyeballing.The pom poms were then adhered to the bottom of the smallest dish before gluing the dish to the brim of this 2nd glass. Voila! I have 2 clouds!

I then waited, again for 30 minutes, before finishing off the display stand with some braided yarn (yes, using the same merino yarn)!


ensembledeux said...

Awe this is sweet! :)


Rhinestic said...

Thank you! :)

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