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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

What I Have Been Up to Part 1: Ceramic Knitting Bowl WIP

More than a week ago, my friend and I signed up for a 2-session "Clay Gift" class at Clay Street, a local ceramic clay school.

I went to the class, with some great ideas in my head revolving around some accessory pieces (I actually penned them down on a torn page from my Ideas book and brought it there..). Boy was I kinda bumped when Mr Chew, our teacher, recommended making bowls or mugs instead.

My slight disappointment quickly dissipated when I actually got hooked to the manual potter's wheel. We were taught the pinch and coil method together with using the potter's wheel and tools to shape and smooth our clay piece. Aside from the occasional clueless "what am I supposed to do?" moments, I was pretty much into Zen mode (or perhaps it's just the hypnotic spinning wheel at work..)

After some finishing touches done so effortlessly by Mr. Chew, I suddenly had a eureka moment. I don't need a normal bowl, but a knitting bowl is something I have been wisting for a long time! With a bit of guidance from Mr. Chew, I managed to "puncture" a hole into my bowl with this "arrow-like" scalpel the fettling knife when the clay was in leather-hard stage.

On top of that, I managed to add 2 clay buttons and 1 round clay blank to my entourage of clay pieces. I was one really happy camper!

I should have turned the "holed" side to the front...

Our pieces are currently in the process of slow drying (not sure if they'll go for their first bisque firing..). Still waiting for the follow-up call from Mr. Chew so we can go down for our second session when we'll be doing the (sanding?), glazing and final firing. Can't wait!

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