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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Commission: Washi Tape x Watercolor Mini Clutch Wristlet

Hi peeps! Have been busy with custom orders for the past couple of weeks and one of them is a commission to create a custom design for my washi tape mini clutch wristlets. I was given free play based on the theme of "simple and elegant".

For some reasons, I was feeling the nature vibe from the client, so I was thinking either florals or feathers. I had wanted to cover the whole piece with large floral/feather cut-outs but wasn't too sure if that would be "simple" enough.

Eventually, I decided to do a watercolor background on rice paper and have it as the highlight of the wristlet. And then, to add some elegance, I cut out pieces from washi tapes to form some kind of a focal floral scene. To finish off, I gilded some tiny 18K gold leafing dots to tie in all the gold bits together. I then went through the same process of laminating to make the rice paper water-resistant and sewable.

This time round, I added some zipper ends to neaten things up and followed this sewing technique that prevents dents where the ends of the zipper and the corners of the fabric meet. What I wasn't too keen was the hand-sewing on the laminated rice paper. Though I must say the technique makes the wristlet look more finished. I also made the strap and added a butterfly charm to it. :)

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