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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Playing with glass...

Not too long ago, Artbeads was having some major promotion and I managed to get the Ultralite Beehive Kiln for a pretty decent price (though the promo price was exactly the same as the original price at JEC Products, I had a further 10% discount plus Artbeads has a relatively cheaper expedited international shipping rate)

The only thing was, I had to get a step-down transformer since we are using 240V here. If someone at the home improvement shop had told us that transformers usually only perform at 80% their efficiency, then perhaps I wouldn't have been so puzzled with the glass fusing results I had! (Or perhaps, I should have done some read-up earlier....) Meh~

Fail #1
I was using an extension cord that was serving 2 other laptops and a 250W transformer. I guessed the kiln did not have enough amperage and was not hitting the intended max temperature.

But I had a good laugh at those ugly looking slabs.

Fail #2
I switched to another power line which was not used by other appliances, but still using the 250W transformer.

The glass seemed to fuse better, but what's up with the frosted look??

Try #3
I did some read-up and got to learn about devitrification. Apparently, my slabs of glass were soaking in the devitrification temperature for too long and unable to hit the molten state properly. Looks like my kiln was lingering in that temperature way too long and unable to hit a higher temperature.

At the same time, I was curious about transformers and did a fast research. That's when it hit me that I really needed a transformer with a higher wattage. (Actually, I was already suspecting it on my first fail but wasn't too sure...)

Armed with a 300W transformer, and with slightly better glass cutting skills, I think I finally managed to get something pretty lovely!

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